Here are some tips to help you digitize your wardrobe successfully



To avoid reflections and strong shadows, don’t put your item too close to your light source (window, spotlight). In case of poor light, use your flash light..


Display your item on an homogenous background (wood floor, concrete, sheet) very contrasting if possible . Avoid tiles!


the item should not be larger than the frame and no other element should be in this area.

TUTO N°1 – Save your outfits in your closet.

Start with saving your favorite outfits. be sure to display items on a neutral and contrasting background and don’t create shadows with thick items (shoes, bags, sweaters).

Take your picture, then prepare your next item while Clothe to me processes your picture.

TUTO N°2 – Manually create your looks and save them into your wardrobe

Create your outfits anywhere anytime with Clothe to me and find them anytime.

Select the item you want to wear, then compose your outfits and save them to find them at anytime in your wardrobe.

Is the app available on Android?

Unfortunately not yet. We hope to release Clothe to Me for Android in a few months.

Can I dowload the app with every kind of Iphones ?

You can have the app beyond the third generation of Iphones

What iOS version do I need to download Clothe to me?

You need at least iOS 7 to have the app. 

How to delete an item in my wardrobe?

You just have to swipe your finger from right to left on the item you want to delete. From then, a trash can will appear on the item and you just have to click on it. If you have made a mistake, you just have to swipe back to cancel.  

How to create an outfit in my wardrobe?

In the “Wardrobe” option, you create the outfit that you love then you can save it for later pressing the icon on the right top of your screen.  

How to find an already created outfit on Clothe to Me?

Find your created outfits pressing the first top right icon of the “Dress me up” menu.

How to create an outfit in my wardrobe?

Go to your wardrobe tab and click on an item. A complete outfit will appear then including your item. You just have to scroll the other items until you find the outfit which suits you perfectly!  

My item is not cropped how can it be done?

According to the quality of your wireless connection, the picture can take between a few seconds or a dozens of seconds to be cropped. If you go beyond this deadline and your picture is not cropped yet, it is because the picture went wrong thus do not hesitate to try again. If you leave the application before the end of the cropping of your last photo, the cropping will not be made either. Furthermore, the IPhones 4 being less powerful, you unfortunately need to wait for the end of the cropping of the photo to take another shot.

My camera is not working in the application, how can it be done?

If you click on the tab “Add” and the screen remains black, it’s because you did not activate the camera for this option. To change it, go to the settings of your IPhone, select the “Clothe to me” app and click on ” activate the camera “.

Nothing appears in Outfit of the Day is it normal?

It is possible if you refused the geo-localization during your first use of Clothe to Me. To change it, go to the settings of your iPhone and change the option in the application Clothe to Me.

For further technical questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at we will do our best to help you.

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A clean and uniform light and background



our advices

Put on steady light

Avoid strong shadows and random lights

To digitize successfully your wardrobe, please avoid big areas of reflection, as well as the too much strong shadows.

So make sure to not place the item too close to the light source.


Strong shadows and reflections